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If you are interested to find out more about the club and maybe purchasing a beautiful Old English Sheepdog into your home as a member of your family, you are very welcome to contact any member of the club’s committee (listed in the office bearers/committee section).  We are all happy to hear from you and are only too pleased to answer any questions about our breed. 

Membership form

To download the Club's membership form double click on the link below

If you have any queries about membership, please contact [email protected]

Breeder/Puppy Enquiries - Demand for Old English Sheepdogs always outweighs supply.

They are so much the most popular dog wherever they go. But they do require somewhat more looking after than some other breeds.

Offering them your company, making them a cherished member of your family INSIDE your home, looking after their coat, meaning they’ll need an occasional good brushing every few days to ensure their coat doesn’t become matted, is mandatory and necessary when you have an Old English Sheepdog.

There are breeders in most States, even if there aren’t any puppies here in Victoria at the time you’re looking to get a new little puppy. We have developed an on-going puppy register which will constantly be kept up to date with puppies when they are available, from whom and from where, for you to contact.

Learn as much as you can and what it’s like to own and love an Old English Sheepdog, and if you are still prepared to look after one of them, nurture and love them for their life (10-12+ yrs), then contact us for information of any available puppies.

For breed/puppy enquiries contact: Gillian Rowsell on 

0415 929 875 or  [email protected]

Shaggy Sunday  Mornings

The club runs our Shaggy Sunday training social mornings at the Bayside Companion Dog Training School (BCDTS) in Hodgson Reserve, Higgins Rd, Bentleigh (at the Jasper Rd end next to the Bentleigh bowls club).

Hodgson Reserve is well fenced off from the road and is very safe for our dogs.  It has a large gazebo area with tables and seating if it rains and lots of trees around the park’s perimeter if it is hot, with lots of fresh water available for our dogs.  The park is off-lead should you wish to allow your dogs a run around, but they must always be under your effective control.

We have access to the following facilities and resources:

Clubrooms with seating, kitchen (tea, coffee, and water available) and toilet facilities, as well as an admin. area with staff members always on hand to help if you have any queries. 

Experienced, informative and friendly instructors using current training techniques to help you socialise and train your dog to be a well behaved and obedient companion.

Extensive array of agility equipment, for different levels of experience, available for our dogs to have fun and enjoy as part of their training and socialisation.

A good range of leads and collars to suit every dog and every situation (all are safe and not harmful to our dogs) are available for purchase.  These can be fitted by us or experienced instructors if you wish. 

Our club grooming educator to assist you with how to groom your OES, what tools of trade to use and how to be able to look after and manage your OES’s coat year-round.

Social time after training to allow your dogs a run around off-lead (if you wish) and for you to be able to chat to other members and instructors over a sumptuous morning tea.

Everyone involved in assisting and helping you socialise, train, and have your dog have some fun with other OES’s and enjoy Shaggy Sunday mornings are all volunteers and are there for your benefit.  We are here to assist you in any way with your OES.

Shaggy Sunday Training Social Timetable:

  • 10.30am Registration 
  • 10.45am Training/Agility/Grooming class for our OES’s
  • 11.30am Social time and Morning Tea (all questions you may have will be answered)

We need to know numbers for both the training/agility and morning tea so the instructors are aware of how many dogs will be in attendance as well as us knowing the numbers for morning tea for catering purposes.

Please call our President (Neil Mackay) to register your attendance on 0407 551 588

Social - The Club will be holding social activities throughout the year. Club functions such as dog walks,educational demonstrations on grooming & looking after our dogs,dog show handling techniques (conformation),health talks from a qualified Veterinarian,herding demonstrations & experiences,luncheons, dinners,car rallies,bbq’s,picnics,social gatherings over a few drinks & a chat, Xmas function,etc. are all planned at different times during the year, assuming there’s the demand from our members for the Club to organise these exciting and fun activities for you to enjoy!

If there is an activity that you wish us to organise please let us know. Email Anne Binns on [email protected]

Welfare - We always wish our beautiful Old English Sheepdogs to have the most loving and nurtured life any animal could ever hope for.

Old English Sheepdogs are most definitely a people dog, and will desire to be in your company most of the time offering you all the love, companionship and hilarity only an Old English Sheepdog can offer.

If you have to let your Old English Sheepdog go, PLEASE contact the Club's Welfare Officers, who will assist you in rehoming your dog into an ever-loving new household.

There are so many people always ready,willing and able to offer these wonderful companion dogs a loving home for the rest of their life. If you need assistance either call or email  Gillian Rowsell on 0415 929 875 or [email protected]

Championship Show - The Club hold a Specialty Championship Dog Show each year for OES only where we showcase all the best OES showdogs in Australia. Watch this page for the exact date, but it is usually held on the first weekend in November each year  at Dogs Victoria KCC Park in Skye, an outer south eastern suburb of Melbourne about 50kms from the CBD.

All categories of dogs from puppies to veterans, males,females or desexed,as long as they’re in full coat and groomed are able to enter a Championship Show and be judged against other Old English Sheepdogs in their relevant category.

All Breeds Clubs hold Championship Shows most weekends and you will find some OES exhibiting as well.

If you’re interested in showing or want to learn more about it (it’s called conformation) and join in even if you’ve never tried it before, please let us know. It’s a lot of fun and there are people in the Club who are only too happy to assist you in showing your dog which helps to promote the breed standard of our beautiful breed which is the core activity of all pure bred dog clubs.

The Show Manager is Wayne Fleming and he can be contacted on  0402 784 848 or [email protected] .

Contact Details

Wayne Fleming
Sunbury, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0402784848
Email : [email protected]