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It is now just a memory, but our 50th Championship Show and the Celebration Luncheon, plus the 51st Championship Show and the Summer Spectacular weekend of shows went off wonderfully. We had a great entry from all over Australia, dogs flew or drove in from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia & New Zealand to compete against our own Victorian dogs. Everyone was ready to enjoy themselves and looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing the great entry of OES. The gazebos were set up around the ring for the outside shows and mats and gear was put inside the pavilion for the OES Shows. The OES show ring was to be set up on the Thursday, but due to some VCA regulation we weren’t allowed to so, Joy Hiddlestone, Carole Ellis and Russell Brack had to set it up on Friday afternoon, always a tedious job but after several hours the ring was transformed with purple drapes and gold bows ready for the 50th Anniversary Show. The trophy table looked great with the Italian tiles and stunning Rosettes.

The Perpetual Trophies which had been given an upgrade because of looking shabby over the past few years were gleaming. Chris and Sue Moore organized for the Gold Beila Trophy to be given an overhaul and to be re-polished and we replaced the Lindsey Lay Trophy as it was unsuitable to be re-plated. The first show for the weekend was Friday evening commencing at 7pm, the weather forecast was for showers but is bucketed down.

The Dogs Victoria Summer Spectacular had 26 OES entered under the Judge: Mrs Francis Smith (Argentina). Those who were lucky enough to win a class in group, were still there competing at 2 am in the morning.

Runner-Up to Best in Group and Best of Breed was, Ita & NZ Sup Ch Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (Imp USA) (R & C Ellis). Runner-Up to Best of Breed was Gr Ch Perfu Dancn with Starsnstripes (Mr C & Mrs S Moore & Mr J Moore). Australian Bred in Group was Ch Woolebull Skys The Limit RN (P & S Hincks) and Puppy in Group was awarded to Olensha Delighted by You (J Hiddlestone/D Findlay).

The weather was fine on Saturday morning for the 50th Anniversary of OESCV Championship Show with a starting time of 10am, but following the Judge’s late-night finish the previous evening, we were instructed to start at 11am, which suited those who had also had a late night the evening before. Everyone was set up around the ring, which looked lovely, comments were heard on how great it looked to see so many OES together, (43 entries). Thanks to Judith Manuel for organizing the lovely background music to help keep everyone tapping while they groomed and got ready.

Thank you to Debbie Lay and Judy Munton for helping Marg Duke with handing out the Gold OES goodies bag (designed by Joy Hiddlestone) that contained exhibit numbers and catalogues plus the magnet and pen from the club and also selling the 2020 OESCV calendars produced by Liz Reen. We are also so grateful to Nicole Jardin who came down from Qld to show, for designing both covers for the catalogues and the big logo’s used as backdrops, they looked amazing.

Thanks also to TASTE OF THE WILD dry food for supporting our show, it was very appreciated. Our thanks also to our Master of Ceremonies, Wayne Fleming, for keeping the show running smoothly and efficiently and also the Ring Steward, Elaine Saxon, who did a great job getting exhibits into the ring on time. Thanks to Derek Lockhart who took on the role of Medical officer, thankfully we had no problems and finally to Evelyn Copley for the layout and assembly of the catalogue and exhibit numbers for the two shows

Judge - Mr Colm Hastings (Ireland)

Best in Show: Ita & NZ Sup Ch Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (Imp USA) (R & C Ellis).

Runner up in Show: Am & Sup Ch Barkshire’s Captain America (Imp USA) (Mr C & Mrs S Moore & Mr J Moore).

Thank you to Liz Reen and Wayne Catley for taking photos at the show, the full results and photos are in this gazette. Then it was on to the Celebration Luncheon hosted by the OESCV, the room was full of gold decorations, and scrumptious food catered for by Colleen Morgan.

In between courses Wayne Fleming and Lorraine Cossart-Walsh gave a talk on some of the early history of the club. There wasn’t a lot of time to enjoy a second dessert before everyone had to get back to preparing for the Dogs Victoria Summer Spectacular Show. We were lucky to have the help of the Catley Boys who put all the tables and chairs away and moved all the decorations and catering equipment into the cars for us, so we could leave the rooms clean and tidy.

Saturday evening - Dogs Victoria Summer Spectacular, Judge: Mr John Wauben (Netherland)

Best of Breed: Ita & NZ Sup Ch Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (Imp USA) (R & C Ellis)

Runner-Up to Best of Breed: Ch Woolebull Royal Reminiscence (P & S Hincks)

Minor Puppy in Group: Ch Perfu Starry Knight (S Moore & D Simonsen)

Aust Bred in Group: Ch Hartwyn Pageants Royal Encore (AI) (W Hage & P Hartwell)

As the judge is a breed specialist the OESCV donated large sashes in our club colours (of turquoise and white) to Best of Breed, Runner Up to Best of Breed all of the class winners.

Sunday morning saw everyone back for the 51st OESCV Kit Tobias Memorial Championship Show. It was lovely to see Gillian Rowsell and Kit Tobias’s brother in attendance. Wayne Fleming was again Master of Ceremonies and opened the Show with a minute’s silence in honour of three of our members who had passed away recently, Kit Tobias, Bronwyn Cropley and Mike O’Donnell.

Judge - Mrs Jackie McKenzie (South Africa)

Best in Show: Ita & NZ Sup Ch Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (Imp USA) (R & C Ellis)

Runner Up in Show to Best in Show: Sup Ch Wynsilot N Larame Come Together (Imp USA) (A Cassidy)

Full results and critique in this gazette. The winners were indeed lucky as the Judge, Jackie McKenzie, presented the most beautiful Rosettes which she had brought from South Africa to the winners of Best in Show, Runner Up in Show and to the winners of each of the classes.

As the Championship Show was in memory of our very long-term member, Kit Tobias, it was lovely to see the judge welcome Gillian Rowsell to the ring to help present the winners with their trophies. Thanks again to Liz Reen for taking the photos. Because the weather had changed and had turned very wet (again), the decision was made by the Dogs Victoria organizing Committee to transfer the afternoon Summer Spectacular All Breeds Show indoors. This meant we had to have the Show fully completed and the ring cleared of all decorations by 1pm. Thanks to our Ring Steward, Elaine Saxon, we managed to get all presentations to the winners finished in time. Sadly, because of the lack of time the judge only had time to critique the first place-getters in each of the classes. Everything was cleared away in record time. Thank you to those who helped and to Russell and Vicki Brack who then packed all the heavy stuff into cars and trailers.

The Sunday - Dogs Victoria Summer Spectacular, Judge: Mr A Castellis-Lladose (Spain)

Best of Breed & Runner-Up to Best in Group: Ita & NZ Sup Ch Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (Imp USA) (R & C Ellis).

Runner-Up to Best of Breed: Am & Aust Sup Ch Barkshire's Captain America (Imp USA) (Mr C & Mrs S & Mr J Moore) Aust Bred in Group: Ch Perfu Wishing And Hoping (Mr C & Mrs S & Mr J Moore)

Runner Up Neuter in Group: Neut Gr Ch Hartwyn Pageants Prince On Ice (AI) (Ian & Wendy Hage)

At the end of the weekend both our Championship Show Judges commented on the quality of the dogs and that they had had such a wonderful time in Melbourne and with our club. Congratulations to all the winners over the weekend, you should all be proud of your sportsmanship and the presentation of your dogs. A credit to you all. See you next time.

Denise Findlay Honorary Secretary

My apologies to Chris and Sue Moore and family. The results of Supreme Champion Perfu Dancing Queen’s Best in Show win under Mrs M.L.R Pereira (Brazil) at the Championship Show in 2013, was an accidental omission from the List of Past Show Winners printed in the Catalogue. Denise Findlay.

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