The prime objective of the Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria Inc is to promote and encourage the breeding of pure bred Old English Sheepdogs and to carry out such other activities or promote or encourage interest in the breeding, upkeep and training of and the general well-being and improvement of Old English Sheepdogs.



The Club is experiencing an extraordinary number of requests for puppies. Unfortunately our members who are breeders do not have any puppies at this time. We are in contact with our interstate counterparts requesting information on puppies that may be available from time to time. We are currently maintaining a list of people who want puppies and we will refer them to breeders who advise us of any planned litters. If you wish to place your name on the waiting list, please email, [email protected] This is the only method of contact for puppy enquiries.


Last updated  10 November 2021

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Wayne Fleming
Sunbury, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0402784848
Email : [email protected]

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